Our 'Hart'-felt thanks

Our 'Hart'-felt thanks

Why Hart Sport jumped at chance to back both teams

ONE name appears in every ACE and Moreton Bay United senior game, never misses a match, is first on to the pitch and always the last off.

It is Hart Sport - the major sponsor of both our senior teams this season - which is emblazoned on the front of the team shirts.

Hart Sport is a national sport and leisure company, based in Aspley, which sponsors A-League, NRL and AFL teams.

But it also has strong local connections, such as owner Greg Harten who may live closer to Wolter Park than any other supporter, player or official!

“Yes, we’re a national company,” said Mr Harten, “but we like to look after the local area so we jump at opportunities to be involved with local clubs.

“ACE and Moreton Bay are both (sporting) institutes in this whole area, so we’re more than happy to be involved.

“When Tony (Dooley) asked us to come on board we said ‘yes’ we can fill a spot straight away this season.

“Financially it probably doesn’t make sense, but the reason for us being here is we’re based here. We’re from this area. I live 200m from this field.

“Our business, our employees are all from this area, they live in this area, some have played for ACE, my son played for many years and I’ve played in the (ACE) five-a-side competition.”

Mr Harten founded Hart Sport and Leisure in 1992 after returning from 13 years working in Germany as a tennis coach.

The company started selling products to schools in Queensland and then expanded to the rest of Australia.

Hart Sport and Leisure became Hart Sport when the company launched its own brand and now counts clubs, institutes, government departments and mums and dads as its customers, while also exporting to 15 countries.

But it is at grassroots where our sport – football – beats the other major winter codes.

“Football is way, way ahead at grassroots level,” said Mr Harten.

“Just talking about participation numbers, I know from equipment sales, (there are more) soccer balls than if you add up the sales of rugby union, rugby league and AFL balls.”

For more on our valued sponsor visit www.hartsport.com.au

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