Thank you A.L.F Lawyers

Thank you A.L.F Lawyers

ACE indebted to great supporters like A.L.F. Lawyers


ACE and Moreton Bay United are so grateful to many businesses for their amazing loyalty and support.

Businesses such as A.L.F. Lawyers which has been so generous with sponsorship, legal assistance and was also one of the first to join our ACE Eleven program.

However, the bond between A.L.F Lawyers, ACE and Moreton Bay United runs much deeper.

Chantal Bush and Claude Sorbello (pictured with ACE Senior Vice-President Greg Bradley) are parents of players and past committee members, while Jami-Lee Sorbello is also a past player and committee member.

A.L.F Lawyers is part of the local community and happy to help with wills, estate, conveyancing, family law and other aspects of law.

For an appointment contact Chantal Bush on 3088 6161 or email

ACE and Moreton Bay United encourage our members to support and connect with loyal sponsors such as A.L.F Lawyers.

We value the friendship of their staff in addition to their extensive knowledge in many facets of the legal industry.

There are still opportunities for businesses, organisations and individuals to join this sponsorship program and engage with our sizeable membership base. Phone 0415 745055 for further information.

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18th August, 2017 | 7:00:00 PM
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