We would like to provide our members with the latest update in regards to season 2020 after several meetings with our governing body Football Brisbane.

Acting on the guidelines provided by the Qld state government, the first round of organised training for Ace FC will commence no earlier than Saturday 13 June 2020.

Unless notified otherwise, this stage of restricted training will remain in place until 10 July 2020, after which there will be further relaxations to enable larger numbers per group to participate before the fixture season.

The club has purchased multiple sanitisation stations which will be placed around the venue and there will be a number of safety, hygiene and distancing signage installed which will demonstrate single entry and exit points which must be obeyed in the interests of everyone’s health.

Players must arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to their allocated training times and change rooms will not be accessible during this stage of restrictions. At the conclusion of each session, players are to exit and not remain at the complex, in order for the next group of players to safely enter the fields. Training will be staggered to ensure safe exit and entry of patrons to our venue.

We’re currently working out training sessions for each team which will fall in line with Governing body, State and Federal government regulations. All restrictions and instructions that we are implementing will be based on the directives that are handed down from the previously mentioned parties.

Coaches and managers will be informed of the revised training schedule once finalised and will pass on that information to their team members. A meeting will be held to provide more information and instructions to coach and managers before we recommence.

We thank you for your continued patience as we endeavour to navigate through these unfamiliar circumstances and we look forward to seeing some smiling faces in the near future.

Further information from Football Queensland and Football Brisbane can be found here:


Kind Regards,

Sarah Dixon

Club Secretary

Albany Creek Excelsior Football Club