As one of the largest junior football clubs in the South East Region, we provide a large selection of social community and development teams. This allows our coaches to place social players into teams of similar abilities whilst also providing the development for those players wanting to advance their football. This in turn ensures, players enjoy their football, have fun with their friends and continue to participate in sport into their adult years.

ACE FC has always had an emphasis on participation, with a clear goal of player development and fun. We pride ourselves on meeting the highest possible standards for club facilities, strategic direction and player development. We offer the opportunity for our players to play and train under a positive, safe, professional coaching and player environment.

For our Junior Competitive Teams, ACE FC aims to provide an environment where player development is the key motivator for players and coaches. ACE are one of the clubs to win a licence to field teams in all age groups U13-U18 in the FQ Academy Leagues which commence in 2023. This is the new level of competition available for players in Queensland and is part of the new development based tiers brought out by FQ.

ACE FC recognise the NPL as the development pathway for elite juniors and will continue to offer development programs within the club that prepare the elite players that aspire to play professional football and aim to be a part of the NPL structure in the future.

1. Additional Coaching Clinics

2. Off-Season 5-A-Side Competition 

4. School Holiday Clinics 

5. Soccer Carnivals 

All players seeking to develop their Football skills and playing abilities can participate in these programs.

Overview of the Junior Football Programs at ACE FC – 


3 to 5 Year Olds

 Kindy Squirts Program

This program runs is available to all children aged 3 to 5 years old and is run on a Saturday morning from the South Pine Sports Complex at Brendale. The program is underwritten by the FFA and Football Queensland and all players are covered by Football Queensland insurance.
5 to 12 Year Olds

Miniroos   U6-U12

Available to all players 5 to 12 years old.

Under 6 and Under 7 play all games in-house without any need to travel to other clubs.

U8 to U12 play against other clubs from Bribie Island down to Moggill.

U8-9 players are graded into one of 4 tiers – Kangaroo (two levels 1 & 2), Wallaby, and Quokka, based on their ability and experience. Most games for U8-9 will be played on the north side of Brisbane.

U10-12 players are graded into one of 5 tiers – FQ Academy League 3 North, Kangaroo (two levels 1 & 2), Wallaby, and Quokka, based on their ability and experience. Most games for U10-12 will be played on the north side of Brisbane.

The FQ Academy League 3 North teams will form our ACE FC Academy Squads, they will be joined by the players U8-U12 selected for Kangaroo teams and will be expected to take part in the ACE FC Academy. Additional fees apply for these positions due to season length and additional training sessions.

ACE FC will also offer our Football School in Terms 2 and 3, available to all U8-12 players wishing to undertake additional training.

13 to 18 Year Olds

 U13 – U18 Competition

Available to all players aged 13 to 16. We have divisions available for all players of all skill levels.

The club has a grading process run by experienced and qualified coaches which groups players of similar abilities and places them into teams and then into competition levels that suit their skills

The Tiers available to players in these age groups are:

  • FQ Academy League 4
  • Metro Junior League
  • Metro Division 1 and below
Player Development

ACE FC Football School


 ACE FC Academy



Development of football players is important at ACE with a view of providing players of all skill levels the opportunity to participate in a professional development program. 

The Football School is open to all ACE players U8-U12. Additional Fees apply for the Football School.


The ACE FC Academy is accessable by trial and selection. All players in the ACE U8 to U12 development squads (FQ Academy League 3 North, Kangaroo 1 & 2 Teams) automatically qualify into the Academy and fees are incorporated into the Season Registration.

Other Information


Selection of players into squads occurring either through trials or grading will be based on a players individual skills and commitment to training and playing.

The ACE Policy on grading teams into divisions endeavors to place teams in the highest division possible according to the abilities of players in each team.

Our mission is to develop players into fine athletes, whilst emphasising joy of football through self-development and preparation for senior playing years.


ACE provides specialised goalkeeper coaching by highly skilled individuals, and is available for U10-U18 age groups.

Many junior goalkeepers have been selected into representative squads. Goalkeepers are graded based on their age and experience.

Free goalkeeper training sessions are conducted on a weekly or fortnightly basis. If goalkeeper sessions conflict with regular training, in the interest of team development, we recommend keepers alternate between training sessions.


Grading occurs over a period of time deemed appropriate to assess players. Players are urged to attend all grading sessions to give players the best possible chance of making the right team for them.

We encourage players and their friends to register online prior to sign-on weekend. ACE FC coaching staff use the following guidelines to place players into teams.

  1. What players do when they have the ball
  2. What players do when their team mates have the ball
  3. What players do when the opposition have the ball
  4. How players behave and respond to coaching instructions
  5. Skill levels
  6. Players attitude and willingness to learn and participate.


It is ACE policy to grade players each year to ensure all junior players have the opportunity to progress. ACE FC encourages players and parents to focus on individual development during the season. It is important that parents support both coaches and players during the grading process. Once ACE grading is complete, all players are allocated a team, these teams are then nominated to Football Queensland.

Football Queensland may run grading games for some teams at the start of the season. These are used to fine tune the divisions each team will compete in. ACE technical staff, in consultation with team coaches, have the authority to change players during this time and a further 2 weeks into the season if necessary. They also have the authority to move players into a different division during the season where a player is deemed to be disruptive to the coach and the team.

Grading at ACE FC is performed by a panel of experienced coaches under the guidance of the Junior TD.

Parental coaching from the sideline is strongly discouraged during grading sessions and games.

Parents please note: NO DISCUSSION WILL BE ENTERED INTO BY THE CLUB WITH RESPECT TO DECISIONS MADE BY THE GRADING PANEL. Like you, coaching staff have the best interests of players in mind when grading.

ACE Grading Policy 2019



SIZE 4 BALLS FOR U10, U11, U12, U13

SIZE 5 BALLS FOR U14, and above


Football Queensland rules state that players must only wear clothing from approved brands.

ACE socks and shorts ONLY are to be worn for games. All approved merchandise is available through our merchandising store at excellent club prices. Substantial fines are incurred by clubs that do not comply with dress rules.

Information for Junior Coaches and Managers


To ensure the safety of our players, ACE requires all persons over the age of 18yrs involved in coaching or managing a team to obtain a Blue Card; especially those who do not have children playing within the club. The Club Registrar can assist you in completing the application.


Each team from U6-12 will be allocated one training session per week. ACE FC ACADEMY Teams will train an additional night each week as part of the Academy curriculum.

FQ Academy League, MJL and Metro Division squads will be allocated two training nights. 

A training schedule will be published on the website during each week with updated training allocations. Coaches and managers will be advised by email/notification.


All players’ match fees are covered within their season registration. There are no additional fees collected on a weekly basis for ref fees.


Coaches and managers will be provided with fixture details as soon as they are available from Football Queensland.

Manager’s are responsible for ensuring all players are informed of game times and venues. Please ensure your team manager has your correct email address.


All communication from the club goes to team managers via email. If you do not have access to email, please make alternative arrangements with your team manager. Detailed information is also available through this club website and Facebook. We strongly encourage members to regularly check these mediums for information and events.


Unregistered players are not permitted to train or play at the club (UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES), as they are not covered by insurance.


As ACE FC team officials, all coaches and managers are issued with photo ID cards.

ID Cards must be worn at all fixtures without exception. Referees can ask coaches or managers who are not wearing ID Cards to leave the technical area; and failure to comply could result in loss of points and a club fine.


Managers and Coaches are responsible for borrowing players from other teams.

There are strict rules for borrowing players, with breaking of these rules resulting in loss of points to the team and fines to the club. Managers must keep a note of all borrowed players to ensure that they do not become ineligible for their own team. As a matter of courtesy, coaches and Managers are asked to make arrangements with other team coaches or managers first and then with the player and his/her parents.


If your child is required to wear spectacles, please ensure that they have plastic lenses that are suitably fixed so they cannot be dislodged during a game. If your child wears contact lenses, it is a wise precaution to take a spare set to games.


All players should note that referees are entitled to request removal of jewellery, including chains, watches, bracelets, and body piercing such as earrings, nose rings and eyebrow studs prior to a player taking the field for a match due to safety issues.


Players who are likely to require the use of asthma related medication during a game should have their names marked with an “A” on the match card to ensure that a referee does not refuse its use during a game.


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