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FUN FUN and MORE FUN is the best way to describe the Kindy Soccer Program which started in 2006 and has since become the  largest club run program in Brisbane with more than 750 players graduating since it started. Our Mission is to introduce 2 to 5 year olds to sport and fitness through a proven, fun-filled and exciting program, run by qualified, passionate coaches who enjoy developing young children. To help you understand the program we have provided considerable information including a video outlining the program, testaments from fellow parents and photographs of the program.                               

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As a not for profit club, we are run by parents such as you and we understand that choosing a kindy soccer program is an important decision for parents as you are seeking a positive experiences that encourage your child to participate in sport and fitness for life. That is why we take this responsibility seriously and treat each child as an individual. You will be amazed at how quickly, young children embrace the program and overcome the shyness, parental attachment and lack of concentration.

All kindy soccer sessions are held on a Saturday morning at the South Pine Sports Complex at Brendale between 8:30am and 10:30am  – each session runs for 55 minutes.

We understand this is a decision that many parents want to research to ensure they choose the best possible program for their children which is why we provide considerable information under each separate section below.

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The Squirts Kindy Soccer Program was created by a group of qualified coaches who played professionally in Australia and Europe with the aim of introducing children aged 3,4 and 5 to sport, fitness and soccer through a series of FUN drills, exercises and games that develop their motoring skills whilst introducing them to the basic dribbling and passing skills. The program is an introduction to all forms of sport as it develops basic skills that apply to sport and day to day activities. The program runs on a Saturday morning at the Club’s Brendale South Pine Sports Complex  for twenty weeks with breaks for the Easter and July school holidays.

Development of minds and bodies of young people requires a program that ensures full involvement, ease of understanding and a staged approach which builds on initiatives and activities in a logical structured manner. The ACE Kindy Program was developed taking all of these factors into consideration. Our program provides multiple levels which add complexity based on age and experience, allowing children to progress through the levels over the years. A child that first enrols into the program at age 3 will experience all levels of the program over the two years preparing them for soccer in Under 6 or for any other sport that they may choose in the future.

The ACE Kindy Soccer program encourages parents to participate in the program


  • Introduction to stretching and exercise
  • Hand-Eye and Foot-Eye Coordination
  • Exposure to team concepts and comradeship
  • Coordination (body) Basic skills such as running, jumping, turning and twisting
  • Motor Skills Development with and without a ball
  • Communication and understanding of instructions
  • Basic Fundamentals of the Game and it’s Skills
  • Balance
  • Sportsmanship
  • Introduction to the Rules and Regulations of the sport

Introduce the concept of respect for others and their space


There are many reasons why our kindy squirts program is special. Firstly the kids love our friendly coaches and they want to come back each week. Secondly, our program is fun. Thirdly, our administration and support people care about the kids and their families and make every effort to accommodate their needs. Fourthly, our program recognizes that kids develop differently which is reflected in the three levels of classes that are available in the program and finally our is part of the Football Queensland Squirts program which ensures that the program is professional and that all kids involved are covered by insurance.

The success of the program has been achieved by ensuring that our program offers more than other similar programs in Brisbane. This is true in the following key areas:

INSURANCE: All players are registered with Football Queensland and Covered by Insurance

SAFETY: The program is conducted on large size fields with no dangerous objects or walls to contend with. The safety of our players is a primary concern to us.

CONTINUITY: The program runs for 20  weeks allowing children the opportunity to build on their new skills to the point where they become part of their day to day behaviour. Short programs of 8 weeks or less. will often finish just as children’s behaviour is starting to change

MULTI-TIER LEVELS: The program has 3 skill levels that children progress through each year of participation

ORGANISATION: We pride ourselves on our organisation, administration and communication. In 2011 we were rated by 94% of parents as EXCELLENT (internal survey of 97 parents in 2011)

WE MAKE SPORT FUN: At young ages, kids want to enjoy sport therefore our key focus is learning in a fun environment which ensures that children remain in sport for life

FRIENDLY EXPERIENCED COACHES: Our coaches are all experienced with most having attained first level coaching qualifications. They adopt a positive attitude to the development of young players.

WE CARE ABOUT THE KIDS: From the administration coordinator to the coaches we really care about the welfare of the children and ensuring that their first experience with sport and fitness is as positive as possible. This is reflected in everything we do.

INTRODUCTION TO CLUB: By the time the kids finish the program they are comfortable with the next step of playing organised sport with a club irrespective of the sport they choose


Dear Kirsty and ACE Kindy Team!

We just wanted to say how pleased we are with the two seasons of Kindy soccer our son played at ACE on a Saturday morning.

Every week he always excited to know he’ll be down on the fields with his teammates and of course Coach Alex, learning new skills, having fun and being outdoors.

The program is extremely well run and although there are many girls and boys in the program, it still feels welcoming and professional in the delivery.

Jenson can’t wait for 5-aside next month, and of course is looking forward to joining his first proper soccer team as an Under 6!! 

The skills and experience he’s acquired across the past two seasons are evident, as to is his love of the game.

Thanks again Kirsty and the ACE team – can’t speak highly enough of the program.


NEW Kindy Season 2023

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Kindy Community Day in coming in 2024.

In 2023 Kindy Soccer will run for 20 weeks split into 5 blocks of 4 weeks.

Block 1 4th March 11th March 18th March 25th March
Block 2 22st April 29th April 6th May 13th May
Block 3 27th May 3nd June 10th June 17th June
Block 4 15th July 22nd July 29th July 5th August
Block 5 19th August 26th August 2st September 9th September


Graduation to be confirmed